Reasons to buy a Mac instead of a PC

Reasons to buy a mac instead of a PC

If you are thinking of changing computers this year and are still not sure whether to opt for a Windows PC or a Mac, these 11 reasons to buy a Mac may end up turning the balance on the side of the apple brand.

 Mac users are more satisfied with their purchase computers that Windows PC users, as indicated by surveys conducted each year by American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Although the gap between PC and Mac user satisfaction has narrowed over the past decade, in 2021 Apple still leads Samsung by 1% and Acer (ranked third in the category) by 4%.

And, despite the improvements in PCs, Macs have been the computer of choice for creatives and designers for more than a decade. And it is no coincidence, for this article I draw on more than 15 years of professional experience using various Mac models.

11 Key reasons to buy a Mac in 2024

1. Apple Silicon Chips

Apple’s silicon chips are a revolution and are outperforming some of the most powerful Windows PC in performance and battery life tests. Also, they are much quieter than their competitors.

These chips have demonstrated great performance potential – in fact, if you’re not going to use them for very demanding applications, 8 GB of RAM may be enough. However, if you’re a design or video editing professional or use very demanding software, I recommend Macs with 16 GB of RAM or more, with storage of 512 GB or more. Check out our guide to the best Macs for designers for tips and advice on choosing the best one for you.

2. User experience

When your computer is your work tool and you are going to use it every day, you want it to be easy to use, stable, functional and beautiful.

A Mac is a rewarding experience from minute zero. You open the box and everything is well thought out, superbly designed and ready to go.

The usability and interaction design of macOS (the Mac operating system) means that you do not need to learn anything complicated to handle it. In fact, the interfaces of iPhone, iPad and Mac are increasingly it seems more, so when you learn one, you practically learn them all.

Here you can see some impressions about macOS Ventura, the latest Mac operating system.

If you come from using a Windows may It may take you a few days to get used to due to the change in operating system, but in general, the adaptation is very fast.

The minimalist design of macOS and pre-installed software make working with a Mac a pleasure to view.

This minimalist philosophy also makes it very easy to find and organize your files, folders, and programs, which translates into increased productivity.

3. Neat and durable design

Apple has set high-end computer design trends for the past 20 years. And make no mistake, for many, this is one of the main reasons to buy a Mac.

When it comes to laptops, the exterior design, materials and aluminum finishes of the MacBook are still the benchmark for most of their competitors. In addition, to its beauty is now added the power of the Apple Silicon chips, which makes them more efficient and allows its battery to reach 18 hours of autonomy. As with high-end cars, the minimalist design of Macs hardly varies from year to year. For this reason, they don’t go out of style that quickly and look great for years.

4. The quality of manufacture and materials

While it is true that some current high-end PCs have nothing to envy to Macs in terms of design, when it comes to finishes and the type of materials used, Apple stands out above the rest.

Just touch and experience a Mac to feel the difference in quality and strength from any other computer. If you like quality things, you will have reasons to buy a Mac.

Although Apple has received several criticisms in recent years for lowering the quality of some of the components of the Macs, the set itself remains of a very high level.

A tough exterior

MacBook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air are manufactured with an aluminum “unibody” much stronger than that of most brands. I don’t even know how many times my MacBook Pro may have fallen to the ground and absolutely nothing happened, beyond a few scratches. This is why it is one of the main reasons to buy a Mac.

An interior thought to the millimeter

First, we have to differentiate between the interior of the Mac Pro and the interior of the rest of the Mac.

interior Mac Pro
Mac Pro interior

The Mac Pro has a modular interior of incredible beauty, which can also be modified and expanded. On the other hand, the rest of Mac the hardware is soldered together, and only a small part can be expanded or modified.

This means that in most cases it is convenient that you choose a computer a little better than what you need today, since then you will not be able to expand its hardware and it can become out of date in a short time. That is even more relevant for the MacBook, MacBook Pro and Air, since in the new models, nothing will be replaceable after purchase, except the SSD hard drive.

Inside a MacBook Air laptop

As laptops get thinner, Apple has improved the interior of the Mac with a new thermal architecture that improves the better ventilation of its components. This allows that when you perform complex or heavy tasks for the system with programs such as Photoshop, Premiere, Cinema 4D, etc. These computers can perform at higher power, for longer, without overheating and more quietly, as the latest tests with Apple Silicon chips have shown.

5. Pre-installed software

When you buy a Mac, it already comes with some pre-installed programs. But make no mistake, we are not talking about bloatware or trial versions, but about complete software of very good quality.

Tools such as Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Photos, iMovies or Font Book, among others, are perfectly capable of carrying out their respective tasks.

Although advanced users may require programs that allow them to perform more complex tasks. These tools will allow you to save a lot of money on software every year, and without a doubt, one of the reasons to buy a Mac.

6. The interconnection between Apple devices

This is especially relevant for those who, in addition to a Mac, have other gadgets and devices from Apple.All Macs can share and receive photos, documents and much more with other Apple devices easily and quickly, just by being close, via AirDrop.

In addition, data synchronization between devices is very fast, allowing you to start working on one device and continue on another instantly.

Today this function is no longer a novelty or exclusive to Apple, in fact Google launched Nearby Share for Android, but the truth is that between these devices it works especially well.

7. Security

It is very common to believe that Macs cannot have computer viruses, but the truth is that there are viruses that affect both macOS and iOS systems.

This sense of security has also caused many Mac users not to take any type of security measures and end up with their computers infected.

So why do I highlight Security as one of the reasons to buy a Mac? Because despite everything, there is less chance of a Mac getting infected.

Macs are very popular but the vast majority of users worldwide use PCs. This makes it more attractive or profitable for any virus developer to make malware for PC instead of Mac. And for this simple reason, they are less likely to get infected.

8. Being able to use Windows on Mac

Through Boot Camp Assistant (included in Macs), you can install Microsoft Windows on your Mac and then switch between macOS and Windows every time you restart your Mac.

You must bear in mind that Windows is not included and that you will have to buy it separately.

You’ll also need to make a partition on your Mac’s hard drive in order to have the two operating systems and their respective programs. Therefore, if you plan to use Windows on your Mac, I recommend choosing one with a capacity equal to or greater than 500 GB of memory.

9. Apple product screens

Although there are differences between them, the quality, sharpness and color accuracy of Apple screens is praised by much of the design world and one of the main reasons to buy a Mac

The resolution of these screens It is always one of the highest on the market, which added to its wide color gamut makes the images you work with always look incredibly sharp and realistic.

In addition, they are screens capable of a very high brightness level (≥ 500 nits), which allows you to work from a terrace and continue to see the screen correctly without straining your eyes.

In laptops, their format is generally higher than that of other manufacturers, which makes them incredibly practical to navigate and work.

10. The trackpad

For its size, texture and level of response to gestures, we can say that the trackpad of the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, is simply the best that exists to date.

Thanks to its large size, it is not only useful for browsing web pages, enlarging documents and rotating photos, among other actions. This trackpad is so precise that you can even retouch photos, design or edit video without the slightest problem.

The trackpad is pressure sensitive and gives you feedback on your gestures through subtle vibrations when, for example, two objects align, by dragging or rotating them.

11. Apple Technical Service

When your work depends largely on your computer, having a good Service and Technical Support is essential.

Apple offers its Technical Service through your Apple Store stores or Apple Authorized Service Providers. You just have to make an appointment online and go with your Mac, although you can also send it by mail following the instructions of the Technical Service.

Simple repairs are done on the spot and you can go home with your Mac repaired Otherwise, they will notify you how long the repair will take and what day you can pick up your computer.

The technical service costs nothing if your problem is covered by the purchase warranty 1-year, AppleCare + (up to 3 years) or the consumer protection law (in case of manufacturing errors). If your repair is not covered by one of the above options, the price varies depending on the type of repair.

In many cases, Apple does not repair individual parts, but directly replaces damaged components with new ones. If the problem is with the computer in general, then you get a new one. As you can hear.

The good thing about this system is that they end the root problem and your Mac is like new. The downside is that when it comes to a small repair, your budget can skyrocket due to having to change the entire part. In that case, any Mac fix may cost you more than AppleCare + insurance, so it is worth purchasing. You can think about it and take out this insurance during the 60 days following the purchase of your Mac, but the 3-year warranty will always count from the date of purchase.

Choose the Mac that’s right for you

As we’ve said, Apple Macs have long been a designer’s favorite tool. But you have to consider that there are many Mac models and that not all are the same or have the same features or prices.

To help you, I have put together a comprehensive guide to the best models of Mac for Graphic Design. In it, I explain that Mac is better adapted to the needs of each type of designer and their needs, as well as what technical characteristics you should take into account when buying them.

Are these 10 reasons to buy a Mac not enough for you?

If after reading this article you are still not decided between Mac or PC to design because you think that these reasons are not relevant or attractive enough for you, maybe you should take a look at the article I have prepared on the reasons to buy a PC instead of a Mac to design

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