Review: Ergotron TRACE Monitor Mount

Ergotron TRACE review

Ergotron TRACE for a monitor up to 38″

The Ergotron TRACE monitor mount is one of the most elegant and beautiful monitor arms on the market. Its arm slides smoothly to allow you to position your monitor in any position you need. Its price is not the most affordable, but it gives you great confidence to use it with even the most expensive monitors, whether they are large or heavy.

Robustness and stability5/5
Ease of installation4/5


Valoración global

Screen: ≤ 38” | Max. Monitor Weight: 9.8 kg (21.5 lbs) | Máx. arm lift: 27.9 cm (11”) | Tilt: 80° | Pan: 240° | Rotation: 360° | VESA: MIS-D Standard 75×75 mm, 100×100 mm.

Source: Ergotron


  • Robust and durable construction ensures stability.
  • Ergonomic design that adapts to individual preferences.
  • Compatible with a wide range of monitors and configurations.
  • Easy installation without the need to drill holes in the desk.
  • Helps maintain a clean and organized workspace.


  • More expensive than most monitor stands
  • Cannot lift as high as other monitor arms


The design of the Ergotron TRACE monitor stand is one of the most elegant and minimalist on the market and has received several design awards for it. The stand has a main stand with a double arm that allows you to move the monitor with amazing ease and smoothness.

You can then retract the arm and the stand barely takes up the space of a minimalist monitor stand. It also has a space to hide monitor cables through its structure, keeping your desk uncluttered and free of visual distractions.

But that’s not all, the stand is available in matte black as well as white, for those who have a white monitor back or have simply organized their office with white accessories and elements.


Ergotron TRACE ergonomics

Its range of ergonomic adjustments is excellent and allows you to adjust the monitor’s height, tilt and orientation to suit your individual preferences. Whether you work long hours in front of the screen or want to use the monitor in different positions.

The Ergotron TRACE adapts perfectly to your needs, so you can find the optimum position to avoid eyestrain and neck strain. This allows you to concentrate on your work or enjoy your multimedia content without distraction or discomfort.

In addition, it is compatible with a wide range of monitors up to 38″ and weighing up to 9.8 kg (21.5 lbs). Whether you have a standard, ultra-wide or even curved monitor, the Ergotron TRACE fits perfectly, giving you maximum flexibility in your viewing configuration.

Its only limitation compared to other models, such as the HUANUO single monitor mount, is the height to which you can raise the monitor. While the HUANUO is able to raise the monitor up to 21″ (55 cm), the TRACE is only able to raise it up to 27.9 cm (11”), because its arm only expands horizontally. For most people this will not be a problem, but people taller than 1.92 m (6.3 feet) may prefer the HUANUO to have a higher monitor.

Robustness and stability

Rearview of the Ergotron TRACE

The Ergotron TRACE offers a robust and durable construction. Made from high quality materials, this monitor stand ensures the stability and safety of your screen. Its sturdy and solid design provides a firm base for your monitor, preventing any unwanted shaking or movement during use.

Ease of installation

Installing the Ergotron TRACE monitor stand is quick and easy, in fact, it offers 3 mounting options to fit different types of desk, so you won’t have the slightest problem.

The first option is using the standard 2-piece clamp, then there is the TRACE Slim Profile Clamp Kit, and lastly, it includes the TRACE Grommet Clamp Kit. Otherwise, it fits the monitor with the most common VESA settings, 75×75 mm and 100×100 mm.

Detail of Ergotron TRACE cable management

In general, it should not take more than 10 minutes to install the bracket, although it is better to pay attention and take a little more time if necessary to pass the cables well inside the structure so that the assembly is well secured and safe.

Is the Ergotron TRACE worth it?

The Ergotron TRACE monitor stand is the ideal choice for those who are looking for a stand with impeccable aesthetics, that is very safe and stable, and all this without sacrificing good ergonomics to help you maximize your comfort and productivity in your day to day.

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