The best L-shaped gaming desks

Best L-shaped gaming desks

Choosing an L-shaped gaming desk can be complicated and time-consuming, because many of them look alike, and only when you get into the details you get to appreciate the differences. That’s why we’re going to shed some light on the matter.

The best L-shaped gaming desks are sturdy and stable desks, with enough space to place multiple monitors and gaming devices. In addition, they usually have some storage elements such as shelves, drawers, cup holders or hooks for hanging things.

In this selection I have analyzed the best L-shaped desks, from specialized brands such as GreenForest, CubiCubi, SHW. All of them meet the needs of any gamer to varying degrees, depending on their configuration and price, as we will see below.

The 5 best L-shaped gaming desk in 2024

1. GreenForest L-shaped Desk Reversible

GreenForest L-shaped Desk Reversible
  • Shape: L-shape
  • Materials: Engineered wood, steel
  • Size (D x W x H): 58″ x 44″ x 29.5″

Last price update on 2022-12-08. We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Shape: L-Shape | Materials: Engineered wood, wood, steel | Style: Modern, minimal | Available colors: White / Oak | Size (D × W × H): 147.32 × 111.76 × 74.93 cm

  • Sturdy and stable
  • Can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your needs
  • Includes a shelf that can be placed in various locations
  • Can be separated into 2 desks
  • Has a stand to keep your computer or console off the floor
  • You can rest your feet on the bar at the back of the desk
  • The included assembly tools are not very good
  • It doesn’t have any drawer

Best L-shaped desk for gaming

The GreenForest L-shaped desk combines some of the most practical features of other desks into one product: it’s sturdy, reversible, has a shelf and an under-desk stand for your computer or console.

As soon as you assemble it, you’ll notice how spacious it is. The L-shape allows you to separate your gaming area from your study or work space without any problem. In fact, it can comfortably fit up to three 27-inch monitors.

Another advantage is its under-desk stand, where you can place your desktop computer or gaming console. This helps you keep your desk uncluttered, leaving room for larger screens. It also reduces the risk of accidents, since by not having your computer on the table or on the floor, you are less likely to spill liquids on it, get bumps, etc.

GreenForest reversible L-shaped desk with mobile shelf, two monitors and a laptop on it.
GreenForest L-Shaped Desk Reversible

Best reversible L-shaped gaming desk

The GreenForest L-shaped desk stands out because it can be configured in several different ways as your needs change over time.

You can configure it in an L-shape, an I-shape, and even split it into 2 individual desks, a larger one that fits two screens and a smaller one that fits one.

It also has a shelf that can be repositioned, which I found useful for storing my headphones or gamepads.

Best black L-shaped gaming desk

You’ll find many black L-shaped gaming desks, but only the GreenForest L-shaped desk adds sturdiness, good materials and the possibility of multiple configurations.

Is the GreenForest L-Shaped Desk worth it?

There are some desktops that surpass each of the features of this GreenForest desk separately. However, none brings them all together and offers such remarkable quality, making it the best gaming desktop on the market.

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2. CubiCubi L-Shaped Gaming Desk

CubiCubi L-Shaped Gaming Desk
  • Shape: L-shape
  • Materials: Engineered wood, metal
  • Size (D x W x H): 47.2″ x 59.1″ x 29.5″

Last price update on 2023-02-20. We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Shape: L-Shape | Materials: Engineered wood, metal | Style: Industrial, Modern, minimal | Available colors: White / Black / Rustic brown | Size (D × W × H): 47.2″ x 59.1″ x 29.5″


  • Very attractive
  • Includes a drawer
  • It has a hook to hold your things
  • You can place its shelf in several places
  • You can rest them on the bar at the back


  • No bracket to place the computer or console

Best budget L shaped desk for gaming

Most gaming desks are made of engineered wood, metal legs and have comparable looks and quality to the CubiCubi L-shaped Gaming Desk. However, the latter is much more affordably priced, making it an excellent choice for those looking for value for money.

In addition, this desk features several accessories that are usually included in more expensive gaming desks, such as a hook to hang your headphones or backpack, a movable shelf, which you can place anywhere on the desk, or a drawer. Miss a cup holder to prevent accidents at your desk? Add one like the Supercope Drinking Cup Holder for little more and save yourself from buying a more expensive desk.

CubiCubi L-shaped gaming desk with drawer, mobile shelf and headset hanger. It has a double monitor and a laprop on it, as well as other accessories and decorative elements.
CubiCubi L-Shaped Gaming Desk

When you sit in front of it, it feels like a spacious desk, and although it’s smaller than the L-shaped GreenForest, it allows you to create two separate environments (one for gaming and one for work or study) on either side of the L. It can fit three monitors perfectly.

It doesn’t have a floor stand for your console or desktop computer, so you will have to decide whether to place it on the table or on the floor. Personally, I prefer not to place my equipment on the floor, so I prefer to use a rolling stand like the VIVO Computer Tower Desktop ATX-Case. If you play on a laptop, you obviously won’t have this problem.

Best L shaped gaming desk with drawers

It’s not common for gaming desks to have drawers, so the CubiCubi L Shaped Gaming Desk stands out in this regard. It has a dark gray drawer, covered in fabric, which gives it a nice touch and prevents your things from scratching or slipping.

Drawer of the CubiCubi L-shaped gaming desk. Inside there is a headset, a game controller and a sound bar.
Drawer of the CubiCubi L-Shaped Gaming Desk

It’s not a big drawer, but it’s bigger than that of other L-desks like the SHW Vista L-Shape Desk, which is barely good for storing paper clips, post-its, etc. The CubiCubi L Shaped Gaming Desk’s drawer is large enough to store, for example, a gamepad, a headset or a small keyboard, up to a weight limit of 3.3 lbs (1.49 kg).

Is the CubiCubi L Shaped Gaming Desk worth it?

The fact that it is a super-equipped L-shaped gaming desk for a super affordable price makes it one of the best options on this list, specially if you don’t want to overspend. While the materials are not premium, almost all gaming desks, even much more expensive ones, have similar qualities.

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3. Seven Warrior Gaming Desk

Seven Warrior Gaming Desk
  • Shape: L-shape
  • Materials: Engineered wood, steel
  • Size (D x W x H): 50.4″ x 18.9″ x 29.6″

Last price update on 2023-05-18. We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Shape: Rectangular, L-Shape | Materials: Engineered wood, steel | Available colors: Black | Size (D × W × H): 50.4” x 18.9” x 29.6” (128 × 48 × 75.2 cm)


  • Robust and well finished
  • Has 4 outlets and 2 USB connections integrated on the desktop
  • Coated with carbon fiber texture
  • Includes configurable LED lights
  • Includes 2 hooks for your stuff and a cup holder
  • Has a shelf all around the desk


  • It has no drawer
  • It would be better with a stand to place the computer or the console

Best L shaped desk for gaming with LED lights

The Seven Warrior Gaming Desk features 2 strips of 31.5-inch LED lights (63″ in total) capable of producing unlimited colors. In addition, it comes with a remote control that can save up to 6 different light patterns, which is ideal for creating different environments for each type of game.

But this is not its only remarkable feature, this desk also stands out for having a semi-raised shelf along the entire length of the table, which is perfect for raising monitors to eye level and improving posture while gaming or working.

This shelf can also be used to hide the keyboard or gamepads underneath when you are not using them. This way you protect them from dust and gain space on the desk for any other activities you want to do on it.

Seven Warrior L-shaped desk with LED strips, power sockets, headphone hook and drink holders. On top of the table, there are two monitors and their corresponding keyboards and game pads, as well as other gaming accessories.
Seven Warrior Gaming Desk

The only thing I missed is a drawer, like the one on the CubiCubi L Shaped Gaming Desk, but it’s not that big of a deal either, since you can put your stuff under the shelf that goes from side to side of the desk.

In addition, it includes accessories that will help you keep your desk uncluttered, such as two hooks to hang your headphones or backpack and also a drink holder. But it doesn’t stop there, it also incorporates 4 outlets and 2 USB ports to recharge your devices without having to take up ports on your devices or cables on top of the desk.

Let’s not forget the last big advantage of this desk: its sturdiness. Unlike other desks that use cheap metal alloys, the legs of the Seven Warrior Gaming Desk are made of steel. And while this adds some weight to the whole thing, it also makes it more stable and secure to place your gaming gear on.

Otherwise, the look of the desk is very attractive thanks to its carbon fiber coating. The texture is mostly smooth and the pattern doesn’t add much relief, which makes it very pleasant to the touch.

Is the Seven Warrior Gaming Desk worth it?

This is one of the best L-shaped desks on the market, both for its sturdiness and looks, as well as for including various accessories and LED lights. If its side-to-side shelf fits your space needs well and you like the carbon fiber texture, it’s certainly an excellent choice.

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4. Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk
  • Shape: L-shape
  • Materials: Engineered wood, metal
  • Size (D x W x H): 50.79″ x 50.8″ x 29.53″

Last price update on 2022-12-08. We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Shape: L-Shape | Materials: Engineered wood, metal | Style: Modern, minimal | Available colors: Black / Carbon Fiber Black / Marble White / Rustic Brown | Size (D × W × H): 50.79” x 50.8” x 29.53”


  • Very attractive
  • Affordable price
  • Solid and stable
  • It has a small shelf


  • No stand to place the computer
  • No drawers

Best cheap L-shaped gaming desk

Although it is a very basic L-shaped desk in terms of quality and aesthetics, the Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk offers much more than what it costs, when compared to desks in its price range and even more expensive desks.

Price and aesthetics are the strong points of this desk, but not the only ones. Its X-frame, very similar to the GreenForest L Shaped Desk 58″, is sturdy and very stable. The tabletop feels of good quality for the price point and the corners, where the flaws are most noticeable, are nicely finished.

The movable stand, although not very large, is practical for slightly elevating a laptop, monitor, or even a small printer. In addition, you can place it on any side of the desk.

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk, Computer Gaming Desk. On top, two monitors, a laptop, a headset and some accessories and decorative elements.
Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Of course, such an affordable price means giving up some extras like drawers or a stand for your tower, but this last detail is easy to solve with a rolling stand like the VIVO Computer Tower Desktop ATX-Case. You can also add a drink holder from Amazon for a very affordable price

Is the Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Gaming Desk worth it?

If you are looking for a pure white desk at the best price, this is undoubtedly the one that offers the best quality, robustness, and aesthetics for such an affordable price.

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5. Homieasy Small L-Shaped Computer Desk

Homieasy Small L-Shaped Computer Desk
  • Shape: L-shape
  • Materials: Engineered wood, metal
  • Size (D x W x H): 32″ x 47″ x 29″

Last price update on 2023-02-21. We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Shape: L-Shape | Materials: Engineered wood, metal | Style: Modern, minimal | Available colors: Black / Black Oak / Pink / Rustic Brown / White / White Oak | Size (D × W × H): 32″ × 47″ × 29″


  • The best in terms of storage space
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Timeless design


  • It’s quite small, but that can be an advantage too

Best L-shaped gaming desk with shelves

There are several desks with shelves, but this one from Homieasy is the one with the most modern design, is sturdy and has two shelves, plus a fabric storage bag. Another advantage is that it is 47 inch wide, so it fits in almost any corner of a small room.

The larger size of the shelves is its main difference from most of its competitors. There are some good alternatives, such as the bigger Bestier L-Shaped Desk with shelves, which has an extra shelf and can be configured in different ways. It also has a version with a carbon fiber overlay, for those looking for a more “gaming” look.

Homieasy Small L-shaped computer desk. On top, there is an all-in-one computer, a tablet and some accessories, books and decorative items. On the shelves, there are some books, magazines and decorative elements.
Homieasy Small L-Shaped Computer Desk

The desk doesn’t include any hooks or cup holders, but you can solve this detail in style with a 2-in-1 desk cup holder with headphone hanger (view on Amazon).

The shelfs are adjustable, so one can be used to hold your desktop or console and the other, placed on top, can be used to protect your gamepad and headset from dust. Also, if you have a very large computer tower, you can remove the top shelf.

Is the Homieasy Small L-Shaped Computer Desk worth it?

If you want a quality L-shaped desk with room for your stuff, this desk gives you extra space you won’t find on most gaming desks. Plus, it has a minimalist design and tons of color options to match any space.

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The 5 best selling L-shaped gaming desks of 2024

Sale#1 Best seller
Sale#2 Best seller
Sale#3 Best seller
Sale#5 Best seller

Last price update on 2022-10-14. We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

How to choose an L-shaped gaming desk

At first glance, L-shaped desks may look similar, but it’s when you pay attention to the details that the differences become apparent, as we mentioned in our guide on how to choose a desk. Here are the aspects I found most helpful when choosing an L-shaped desk.


Before buying any L-shaped desk, always measure the space you have available. Next, check the measurements of the desk because some have one side longer than the other and some have both sides the same.

Also check the height of your desk chair’s armrests to see if you can put it underneath when not in use. If you don’t already have a chair, take the opportunity to get a good desk chair.

If you have more than two monitors, it’s also a good idea to measure them to make sure you have enough room to place them side by side. Most L-shaped desks will fit between 3 and 4 24″ to 27″ monitors.

If in your room there are elements such as heaters, windows, doors or light switches, calculate a margin of 4 to 8 inches away. This will prevent accidents and tripping.


The tops of L-shaped desks under $300 are never solid wood, but engineered wood, also known as composite wood. This is a composite made from joining or attaching wood particles, etc. with adhesives or other attachment methods to form composite materials.

This material is cheaper than wood, lighter and quite strong. That reduces production and transportation costs, as well as the retail price. That’s why we can all afford nice desks.

However, it is not all advantages, it is less resistant than wood and, therefore, it is more easily damaged. Be especially careful when assembling desks made of this engineered wood, as nuts and nails can damage it.


There are desks that have only one way to be assembled, but some desks are reversible, that is, they can be disassembled and assembled with a different configuration.

Therefore, you can mount them with the L facing right, with the L facing left or separate them into 2 different desks, as is the case with the GreenForest L Shaped Desk 58″ Reversible.


Some desks are height adjustable or have movable parts that facilitate better ergonomics. Some can be raised so high that they can even be used while standing. This type of desk is a good solution if it will be used by people of different heights, or if you simply want it to fit you perfectly.


It is important that you go over how much stuff you plan to put on your desk and where you plan to store it. There are L-shaped gaming desks for all kinds of storage needs: with drawers, with shelves, with hooks to hang your stuff and even with brackets to place your console or computer.


Choose a color that works well with your room space. If you already have black elements in your room, a black L-shaped desk will work well, but keep in mind that the more black you add to your room, the more cluttered it will look.

If the walls of your room are white or light, a white L-shaped desk will look less cluttered, as it does not contrast with the wall. Take advantage of this visual effect if you have a small room and don’t want it to look cluttered.

Bestier L-Shaped Gaming Desk RGB Game Table with LED Lights 55.2”.

If you want your gaming desk to be the focal point of the room, do the opposite, look for a color that contrasts with the color of your walls or just go for intense colors like the red of this Bestier L-Shaped Gaming Desk RGB Game Table with LED Lights 55.2”.

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