Mac or PC for Graphic Design? We solve the dilemma

Mac or PC for Graphic Design?

Choosing between Mac or PC for Graphic Design is one of the first decisions a designer has to make when buying a computer.

For years, Macs were the computers of choice for designers and creatives around the world, but today there are the same and even better PCs. For Graphic Design we will have to evaluate its capacity for processing and handling of graphics, the available software and the general ease of use.

In this article, we will discover the reason for this eternal dilemma and the best way to decide between one or the other.

The Mac, a traditional ally of the Graphic Designer

There is a general idea that Macs are better for Graphic Design. This is because for many years designers practically only used Macs, which is totally true.

The reason is that digital typography and some photo editing and design programs like Photoshop first appeared on the Mac in the late 1980s. Macs soon became the computers of choice for graphic design studios around the world. Consequently, Apple specialized for years in developing computers specifically for the needs of creatives.

Several generations of designers developed their careers working almost exclusively with Macs. For this reason, many of them – now reputable professionals – continue to use Macs and recommend them to their colleagues, friends and fans.

Do graphic design programs work better on PC or Mac?

Adobe design programs are the most used by Graphic Design professionals around the world and, therefore, we can consider them the industry standard.

In the Adobe Creative Cloud system requirements, you can see that the performance of the programs depends mainly on the hardware. The key elements are the processor (CPU), the graphics card (GPU), the RAM memory and the performance capacity of the hard disks.

There is no real evidence, therefore, that Adobe tools work better on Mac. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc. they just work better on computers with better hardware.

Mac or PC for Graphic Design in 2024

Although the American Consumer Satisfaction Index indicates that Mac users are slightly more satisfied with their purchase than PC users. Today, it is not so important to choose between Mac or PC, but to choose a computer that suits your needs and particular use.

Performance differences are almost imperceptible between computers with hardware of similar power and quality. Don’t get carried away by the prejudices and myths that others have about this eternal discussion.

Arguing between PC or Mac for Graphic Design is like arguing between Adidas and Nike for sports or between Canon and Nikon for Photography, you will find people in favor and detractors on both sides. A good computer is good regardless of the brand. Luckily, today you have excellent choices in both PC and Mac.

Reasons to choose a Mac

If you want to know in depth why you should choose a Mac over a PC, I recommend my article on the reasons to buy a Mac instead of a PC to design. In it I explain in detail the reasons why I preferred to use Mac for more than 10 years. I’ll give you 5, in summary:

  1. The user experience
  2. Its design and finishes
  3. The pre-installed software
  4. The interconnection between devices
  5. Its Technical Service

Although if you are clear that you want a Mac, we have created an exhaustive guide where you will find recommendations on the best Mac for Graphic Design, depending on your speciality and the settings that may be most useful to you.

Reasons to choose a PC

PCs have improved incredibly in recent years, so in “reasons to buy a PC instead of a Mac for design” I explain in detail what I like about PCs and why I used one until recently. Here are 5 of them in a nutshell, but you’ll find more in the article:

  1. The price
  2. The configuration options
  3. The available software
  4. The games
  5. The compatibility

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