The 8 best desk cable management ideas

The best desk cable management ideas

Although the trend is that electronic devices have fewer and fewer cables, the truth is that today we still tend to have enough and sometimes they can become quite annoying, as they get tangled, intertwined in the keyboard, cause accidents, etc..

Organizing and hiding the cables on your desk allows you to keep your office organized, so you can focus on your tasks or hobbies without having to worry about them, and in this small guide I leave you with the main solutions to organize and hide them.

Some of these solutions can be found integrated in some desk models, and others can be purchased separately.

Top 8 desk cable management ideas

1. Cable management trays

Cable management tray


  • Organize and hide cables very well
  • Sturdy
  • Can store several power strips, cables and chargers
  • Many designs and colours available


  • Some models use adhesives that resist only light weight stuff

The most versatile and practical solution

Some desks come with built-in raceways on the back or side of the desk, but they can also be purchased separately and are sometimes even cheaper. Troughs offer a specific space for cables that helps keep them tidy and prevents them from getting tangled.

There are plastic and metal ones, being the metal ones the most resistant and, therefore, the most recommendable if you plan to place large power strips or heavy chargers in them.

In terms of fixing methods, you can find trays that stick to the desk with ultra-strong adhesive tapes, that are screwed on or that use a clamp to hold them in place. In this regard, the ones that use adhesive tapes and the ones that screw on are the most concealable, although I have seen very subtle clamps that barely reveal a small smooth plate on the desk.

Top 5 best-selling desk cable management trays prices

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2. Pull-out or sliding desk panels

Pull-out or sliding desk panels for cable management


  • Very discreet
  • Very practical and easy to conceal and organize cable
  • One of the most attractive solutions
  • In the larger ones you can hide several power strips, cables and computer chargers.


  • It’s not easy to find many desks with pull-out or sliding panels.

The best cable management solution already integrated into a desk

Removable or sliding panels are usually on the surface of the desk or on the back of the desk. They are not a separately purchased accessory, so the desk has them, or it does not.

They come in a variety of sizes and, in fact, some go from side to side of the desk, giving you plenty of space to hide cables, power strips and chargers. Just open the panel for easy access to cables when you need them, and then close it to hide them again.

There are desks that incorporate plastic panels, but the most attractive are those that are of the same material and colour as the desk, since they are aesthetically more discreet.

3. Cable management nets

cable management net


  • Work well in offices with a certain type of décor
  • Are economical
  • Hide power strips, cords and chargers well


  • Not as robust as other cable management solutions
  • Some fabrics are difficult to clean

An attractive solution for some types of décor

These cable management nets are placed under or behind the desk, keeping it tidy, with cables out of sight from you and others.

There are more and less dense nets with very different levels of strength, so it is always advisable to check the manufacturer’s specs. Models that attach to the underside of the desk hide all types of cables, chargers and power strips very well.

As for fastening, desks that already include these nets usually have small hooks. On the other hand, when purchased separately, they usually use clamps, such as the net in the photo, or suction cups. The latter are not very advisable, because if the material of the desk is very porous, the suction cups do not adhere well.

Top 5 best-selling cable management nets prices

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4. Holes for cables

Cable management hole


  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Help to organize and concentrate cables


  • They do not hide the cables very well, especially when the hole is in the corner of the table and the cables have to be routed there.
  • When the holes do not have grommets or covers, they get dusty.
  • When you have several cables, it can be difficult to feed them all through the same hole.

A good solution if you don’t have too many cables

You can find different models of desks with one or more built-in holes for cable management. These are usually located on the top of the desk or on a back panel if the desk has shelves.

The holes may include covers or grommets to better conceal cables, but if not, they can be purchased separately. These pieces can be rigid, leaving a hole for the cables to pass through, or rubber, like the one in the photo illustrating this section. If you have few cables, both are good solutions, but if you have many, the rubber ones allow more cables to pass through.

One of the weaknesses of these holes is that they are often located in the corners of the desk, which forces you to route all the cables of your electronic devices there. As a result, the cables are “organized” but, as they run across the entire desk, they are still in plain sight.

Another disadvantage is that if the hole is not very large and there are already cables in it, it becomes difficult to insert bulky plugs. This makes it necessary to disconnect the other cables, pull them out, and put them back in a different order to get the plugs through.

Top 5 best-selling hole groomets and covers for cable management

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5. Cable clips

Cable clips


  • Clips are very inexpensive
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • They are discreet
  • There are a multitude of designs and colours


  • Finding clips for all types of cable thicknesses can mean buying several packs.
  • If you want the cables not to hang off the desk, you will need another accessory or various clips for a single cable.

Cable clips or clamps are usually sold separately from the desk, although you can find some desk models that integrate them at the bottom or rear.

These clips allow you to secure cables and keep them organized. When attached to the back, they also keep cables out of sight when not in use, as when a cable is unplugged, it retracts due to its weight, as shown in the image above.

They are typically attached to the table with fairly strong adhesives, although, as always, much depends on the quality of the product. Another factor that influences their holding power is how heavy or stiff the cable is.

Top 5 best-selling clips for cable management

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6. Cable management boxes

Cable management box


  • Some of them are very nice
  • They can hide power strips and cables, but also other objects.
  • They are relatively inexpensive


  • Take up more space, whether placed on the desk or on the floor

An attractive solution, although it takes up space

Cable management boxes are specially designed to store cables, power strips and accessories, keeping them hidden and out of sight, but also to protect them from children and pets. Typically, they are large enough to hide a power strip and several cables and chargers inside.

Depending on the design, they have one or more holes for cable entry. The smaller, more discreet ones, such as the one shown in the photo above, are usually intended to be placed on top of the desk itself. Larger boxes, on the other hand, are intended to be placed on the floor under the desk.

Most of the boxes have very minimalist and attractive designs, so that they almost act as a decorative object. In addition, they include cable ties and adhesive guides to insert the cables into the box as discreetly as possible.

The only downside I find is that they take up some space, when the goal was to clear the desk. Even if you put them on the floor, they take up quite a bit of space that was previously empty, when other solutions, like cable trays or nets, do not take up “useful” space or interfere with your field of vision, so to speak.

Top 5 cable management boxes prices

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7. Velcro cable ties and straps

Velcro cable trays and straps


  • Resistant
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Available in different designs, sizes and colours
  • You can bundle single or multiple wires with a single strip


  • On their own, they do not serve to hide cables.

The quickest and most practical solution for organizing any cable

Velcro strips or straps are one of the most practical accessories for organizing and/or bundling cables because Velcro makes them very easy and comfortable to use and, in addition, once attached, they will remain attached for years.

However, you should bear in mind that these straps or cable ties are not the best solution for hiding cables. They are great for bundling them and keeping your desk neat and tidy, but unless you use them in combination with one of the other solutions mentioned in this guide, cables will continue to hang off your desk.

Top 5 Velcro cable ties and straps

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8. Spiral cable wraps

spiral cable wrap


  • They are resistant and protect cables
  • Available in multiple sizes and colours


  • When seen on the desk, they are not discreet at all
  • Bundling and unbundling cables can take some time

An effective solution for bundling a multitude of cables of different sizes

Spiral cable wraps are used to bundle and organize various cables. Although they can be used on top of the desk, they are quite conspicuous, so people often prefer to use them to collect cables as they leave the desk to keep the back and floor of their office organized.

As with Velcro strips, they are often used in combination with other solutions in this guide, such as trays, nets or desk holes. While Velcro strips are more practical for quickly tying and untying cables, spiral tcable wraps are better for protecting them.

These wraps are usually available in various colours, which you can match to your room and office decor. However, you should keep in mind that they sometimes attract more attention than a few wires on the floor.

Top 5 spiral cable wrap prices

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